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*All the payments are made through Paypal only. But if you're based in Pakistan, EasyPaisa or bank transfer is available as well.

Product Reviews : I'm open for any product review as long as it matches my own lifestyle and my blog. My review will be based on my very honest opinion. Neither any compensation or given product's value would affect my opinion/review.

Work with me/Collaborations : If you're a blogger, a company, an online boutique or a small business owner, I'm happy to help you or collaborate with you. Email me at areebasiddique97@hotmail.com for further information. Businesses and brands based in Karachi or near Karachi are also appreciated to work with. 
PS: Bloggers are highly appreciated to contact for group giveaways and post projects. It's always great to get to meet new bloggers in blogland and share ideas.

Commissioned Work:
I illustrate sometimes. If you want me to do some custom work for you, just shoot me an email or check my design services page.

Press/ Events: I'm settled near Karachi so I'm up for any brand opening/launching events related to lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food and books.