What's the basic process of getting a blog design?
You can me email me to get started. Once started, you'll be sent an email about your blog design along with a form. You will be required to fill it with your ideas and inspirations. This is how we get started on the creative process of making something beautiful for your blog. I'll get back to you with moodboards and sample designs.

How long does it take to complete a blog design?
It takes approx 4-5 days.

Blog design is done. How would you install it?
There are two options for that, temporary log-in or temporary blog admin method. 

A few important things:

-I work on Blogger.com based blogs only.

-All the payments are made through Paypal. 
Or if you're based in Pakistan, payments can be made through EasyPaisa. There's no option of refund after the payment is done.

-The design payment needs to be fully paid before the design process is started. Once paid, it wouldn't be refundable.

-There will be a #areebamakesthings logo at the end of your blog design and it will stay as long as the blog design is up on your blog.