Easy to Follow Senior Nutrition Tips

  1. Eat all types of foods


Consuming different foods can make sure that you get all the nutrients which you require. Experts suggest that your daily meals must contain plenty of fruits, veggies and lean protein along with low-fat dairy items and whole grains.

  1. Planning is also essential

Planning can make you less likely to discontinue following a healthy diet routine. Try to prepare dinners that’ll last you for 5-7 days & keep them frozen till you require them.

  1. Reduce your salt intake

With age, your ability to taste deteriorates. Thus, you might feel the need to add some flavor to your dishes by adding more salt. However, according to FDA, in-taking an unnecessary amount of salt might result in increased blood pressure in senior citizens that could increase the odds of stroke, kidney issues & heart disease. Be sure to limit your salt intake to sure less than 2,300 mg per day.

  1. Herbs & Spices

As a replacement to salt, fresh spices & herbs such as basil, rosemary, Cayenne pepper, turmeric, sage can prove a lot healthier & also add their unique flavor.

  1. Carefully go through the nutrition labels

While shopping for your favorite canned and packaged foods, go through the nutrition label carefully prior to making your purchase. Even in case you see it being promoted as a nutritious choice, it might contain added sodium, sugar, fat which you won’t be able to locate unless you check the label precisely.

  1. Minimize the consumption of sugar

Sugar that is refined contains empty calories which hardly offer any nutritional value. Continually minimize your sugary intake & begin eating foods which contain natural sugar like sweet peppers, yams & fruits.

  1. Add healthy unsaturated fats in your diet

It’s not wise to cut all kinds of fats from the daily diet. Rather, you want to get rid of saturated & trans-fats. Healthier alternatives such as polyunsaturated & monounsaturated fats could shield your body against illnesses & also encourage mental happiness. Avocado, fish containing plenty of omega-3 fats, nuts can be excellent options.

  1. Multi-vitamin supplements

Although adding vegetables and fruits can be an ideal way to get all the required by your body, at times, it might not be adequate. In this scenario, communicating with your physician about multivitamin supplements can make sure your overall well-being stays intact.

About Medigap Coverage:

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