26 January 2018

pretty pretty pretty things + giveaway

My first ever blogging friend was obsessed with pretty + kawaii things, unicorn stuff, had a lizard for a pet and dyed her hair in crazy colors. I still remember her but I think I'm afraid to look her up on google and find her again. She once sent me a postcard and I still have it. I think her name was Laura and I owe her my obsession with kawaii things.

I got this Kawaii box (which is a subscription box full of pretty & the cutest stuff directly landing from Japan) in my mail late November but I lost it when I was moving my stuff from my room. I found it again recently and I can't be more thankful to Kawaii Box guys for being super patient with me.

So what we got here is a kawaii box including a pouch, a soft toy, a pen, a notebook (my favorite part), 2 sticker sheets, hair clips and a little pack of candies. Everything is super pretty!!!!

I welcome very new notebook like a new family member. I mean, I CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH NOTEBOOKS Y'ALL!!! I'm obsessed. No, wrong, I'm more than obsessed.

I'm always ready to use my art journaling skills on any notebook I can find. This lil one couldn't be an exception. Btw, this is one of my most favorite lines from my poems. 

Here's the sad part, I couldn't eat the candy. Their candies include gelatin which contains fats and stuff that might not be halal. And being a Muslim, I can't eat anything not-halal (haram).

Here's my MOST FAVORITE THING FROM THE BOX!!!!! These stickers are so cute and tumblr I knew I was gonna plaster them all over my face and my phone case. They're kinda thick and easy to paste anywhere (They stick well)

Big thanks to Kawaii Box for including a giveaway for y'all too. Enter below to get a chance to win a Kawaii Box for yourself. It's opened worldwide. Good luck babesss! 

Areeba Siddique Kawaii Box Giveaway

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