21 August 2017

leaving the teenage years

Summer of 2017 will forever be the year my friends left for my dream art school and I brought a zayn malik cut out to my house. I also turned 20, officially spent 7300 plus days on earth with my twin sister Noor. She once promised me that she'll be a published poetess before she left her teenage years and she did, her book Yesterday I Was The Moon sold more copies in 3 days than we imagined and also managed to be in top 50 books by women on Amazon in its first week. It all happened right before our birthday week. 20th arrived with all its glory.

I wanted to be a published something too before I turned 20, or probably just wanted to do anything of importance before I was to leave my teenager self behind. Mainly to take something of value out of my young & foolish self. I am still young and equally foolish but the charm of teenage years makes you want to believe that this is the only part of being young that will never return in all its glory, you'll be young in coming years but not this kind of young. Completely out of your mind young. People won't forgive you like they'll forgive you at that time. 

Teenage years were important and I wanted to steal as much from them as I could and I think I actually did. When I was eighteen, I cut all of my hair in a self-proclaimed & shapeless pixie cut that grew into the ugliest bob my family had ever seen. I cut them again a few months before I turned 19, I knew I'll be forgiven for killing them. My amma made me promise that I won't murder them again, together we found out it was a sin, I haven't taken a scissor near my hair since then and I'll never again. 

Right before my birthday, my comic, Musings for a Muslim Hipster, was published in the UK for subscription box called ShortBox, run by an amazing woman named Zainab. Whenever I come across another Muslim woman in this creative field of artists and creators, it feels safe to be here, to know that I'm not alone. May Allah bless her for all her patience and hard work. 

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Yesterday someone tagged me in this picture on Instagram, my work in printed form has started finding other homes.

These are some pictures from our birthday. We got a Matty Healy cake, it was supposed to be a Zayn x Matty cake but no printer in my area would print Zayn's pictures. They all told me the file I was asking to print was invalid and we didn't have time to make another file. Deep down I knew that I was done with my share of printed Zayn for at least now, keeping in mind that I own a 5'7 cut out of him.

I'm sure 20s are going to bring greater challenges and bigger opportunities along. My teenage-self has achieved so much that it seems pretty difficult to beat her but, to my own relief, I'm ready.


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