13 February 2017

until you come back home

Home is probably my most used word. Partly because it leaves an unbelievably sweet taste in my mouth & mainly because I don't have a more warm and happy word in my vocabulary yet. There's something so comforting about saying it out loud, lovely but not romantic, soothing, occasionally giving me goosebumps and making me wonder is there's another word that makes me feel safe than this. How can someone say it out loud and feel nothing? Because I'm emotionally attached to it, probably clutching it too hard between my hands and my chest, never letting go of it.

Zayn and Taylor's new song, I Don't Wanna Live Forever, came out a little while ago and even though I had promised myself to stay away from ANYTHING 50SHADESOFGODDAMNGREY (sinister!!! we made a rule to never talk about it, maintaining a little grace) But there's also a rule of never missing anything Zayn does. I played the promos of the song with teary eyes, with the full volume. When the song first came out, fully for public, it was my birthday again. Let me explain, it's just about one lyric & one Zayn.


I've developed a deep emotional attachment with the idea of going back home and this lyric, this very lyric brings back everything I've ever felt about home. 
Bonus: Areeba's favorite singer sings about her favorite word, making it the best song ever (PUN INTENDED) the kind of song she can spend her last teenage year with, making her the 19 years old happy Areeba.

I'm deeply sorry to say it out loud but this isn't actually the best song ever, no puns intended, even though I love it so much that I've played it for hundred of times, this still isn't the best song ever, for me. I've stopped fangirling over Taylor LONG AGO and some other lyrics are too damn weak (I gave you something, but you gave me nothing - YOU KNOW GUYS, YOU COULD HAVE DONE BETTER THAN THIS) Maybe it's because I'm used to The 1975 + Lorde + Halsey's lyrics that are too bloody meaningful.

But I'm truly glad this song exists.


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