17 December 2016

sisters x sisters

It probably never occurred to my mother that I might turn into an internet obsessed psycho kid when she handed me a laptop a few years go and an internet connection. And last week when I was out in the city with other people to collaborate for a blog post, wearing an outfit based on a goddamn glorious moodboard with glitter under my eyes, chasing crazy cool walls in the city, I knew I was living the internet dreams of my bored high school self from 2011. And it felt great, for my-2011-self always needed emotional support and a future-self with glittery tears would have sounded like a relief to her. She wanted more of internet, while I'm living in it.

Me & my twin sister Noor collaborated with Amna & Atiya - a pair of sisters from The Good Life blog. And this collaboration included a mini tour of Karachi, fashion & food.

We decided to challenge each other with moodboards to make outfits on. Amna made a moodboard for me, I made one for Atiya, Noor made one for Amna and Atiya made one for Noor. 
\\ Me - Basic gothic mipster kid // 

// Noor - Kylie obsessed forever + pattern lover \\

// Atiya - brightest human being in love with museums \\

// Amna - the chic one + 2 cool 4 u \\

We started from Seaview (most essential place in Karachi) and then went to Roadside Cafe. This cafe has the coolest wall art I've ever seen. The walls are decorated with all of the important Pakistani stars and nostalgia kind of punches you in the stomach because some forgotten faces are there as well. I looked at the walls and I wanted to cry with happiness. Why I never went there before?

I first saw Troye Sivan wearing glittery tears and I was like LET'S DO WHAT TROYE DOES but I'm obsessed with them now. They are my way to say I'm 55% made of stardust and sea.

The Blogger Sisters.

And there we were, the blogger sisters, posing for Amna's camera which was set on a timer. And it felt perfect because a collaboration was possibly the best gift I could give to this blog before the year ended. Thanks to Amna and Atiya for making this possible, our blogs deserve much more creativity.

Then we made a trip to Chatterbox cafe for a lunch fix. This little cafe is so cozy and they have excellent food. 

It was such a nice weekend, again. God bless Karachi and internet.

How is life going, everyone?


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