16 November 2016

zayn book x photo diary

Zayn recently launched his book called zayn. Now that he's known for being a shy moody narcissist, his book only spread more controversies about his existence. And I luckily got my copy after a few days of its release which is the biggest achievement in my fangirling life. I was never able to spend this much money on a celebrity-love of my life and even though this book ruined my financial condition, I'm so happy and completely obsessed with this book. I have never been to any of his concerts so I'm going to pretend that this book is my personal zayn concert.

This book is aesthetically pleasing and full of zayn's beautiful face. But there's one thing, I had a feeling that this book is very carefully written. Not that he didn't use a bad word because he did, but you don't get to know one BIG secret about his life. The religion section of this book consists of a few lines. It's just a collection of experiences and song notes and doodles and never seen before images. It's not surprising, he's never been good at opening about his life or what he actually thinks. So only buy this book if you're a dedicated fan or don't complain.

And I made this lil photo diary thing for the book because I told you I am completely obsessed.


Fangirling forever!

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