28 November 2016

city wars

Recently there was a war on my twitter timelines - an online city war! It's amazing what internet can do: it can help you earn money, get famous OR let you fight online with other people. I used to think that fighting online was like punching your keyboard really bad and saying something to instantly piss off someone appearing on your screen. But boy, it doesn't always happen this way.

 The city war, it all started because of this video of Pakistani cities roast went viral on internet, everyone on twitter started the city war, defending their own city and roasting the other one. It included top 3 cities of Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad) And as being a Karachi Kid, I knew I had to defend Karachi (IT WAS A WAR) and roast Lahore.
And even though I've recently been to Lahore and my heart was saying DON'T SAY ANYTHING TO LAHORE IT'S SUCH A BEAUTIFUL CITY, I retweeted everything that roasted Lahore. It's just that Karachi and Lahore have always been like two rivals kids, always trying to be the best one. And if I was to categorize them, Karachi is more like Pinterest: Preppy, means business and isn't flexible. Where Lahore is more like tumblr: Artsy, historical and welcoming. And Karachi's super power is sea VS Lahore's super power is its historical places (plus Lahore is sea-less)

Karachi and Lahore are such bright and lively cities of Pakistan, BUT the third and most important city (which happens to be our capital) Islamabad is like the step sibling to Karachi and Lahore. It's everything opposite of these 2 cities. This city sleeps early (the city goes down after 10pm) and wakes up in the earliest morning, which is quite disturbing to me because I grew up in a city that never sleeps. 
It was so funny to go through all these tweets and realize HOW ACCURATE SOME OF THOSE TWEETS WERE. Lahore is small, just the size of one town of Karachi. Karachi NEVER gets winter. Islamabad isn't interested in anything and sleeps early. They're the flawed, beautiful, imperfect kids of Pakistan. It's so interesting to see how each city has a different personality.
Have you ever joined an online roast? BECAUSE IT IS SO FUN!

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