18 October 2016

things you would do for your art journal

Last year in December, I started taking my art journaling very seriously. And in the next few weeks, it turned into a crazy obsession/habit/my magical power. Imagine putting together trash and making it look like art - things I initially put in my art journals were wrappers, bill receipts, bank slips, old newspaper, pages from books I wanted to burn, gift paper nobody wanted to use, paint cards I found in my nanna's cupboard etc.

And here we are today, after almost a year with god knows how many pages done, I've become a 200% art journal person with more journals than I can handle. When I first started doing it, I thought I was the worst and my art journals were trash. It still might be the case but I'm actually very happy with how this whole art journaling thing has turned out, along with my little #ohjournaletc project.

And just a few days ago, I did something I'm quite proud of?!?!?! I went out, found a printing shop and got some pictures printed of all the stars I'm utterly obsessed with. Presenting my obsessions in printing form, the paper versions of Matty, Zayn, Lorde and young Johnny Depp (with killer cheekbones fyi) 

I knew it was going to be hella awkward, going to a printing shop to get all these faces (also tattoos) printed. I was secretly hoping that the person printing them wouldn't judge me for my choices in men?!!?!  I also hoped that the printing guy didn't know any of them, for Matty is a self-claimed emo lord with a broken mind and zayn is a moody bastard and johnny is 50+ now and lorde is considered satanic and that makes my position even more awkward. But I had to do it, I had to do it for my art journal because I was running out of inspiration and ideas and my mind was filling up with new things to fangirl every new day. So I decided to mix these two tragedies together. What's bad for your mind is probably v good for your art journal.

So I did it. I got them printed and they'll soon be in my art journal (I HAVE STARTED ALREADY)

My insane, blue boy Matty

The graceful/graceless Zayn 

My most favorite Johnny/Winona picture together // Matty in a bow tie was a rare/cute moment

Bloody Matty when punched in Somebody Else's video // Matty being himself



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