14 October 2016

for the youth

 Youth is a goddamn magical thing. You feel like you can manipulate time, misguide your acne, trick your sleep, cut your hair and everything will be alright. And being a young person in 2016 is a personal hell sometimes, people expect you to change the world. My world, your world, our world. They'd write speeches about us, how the youth of the country is going to build the future how youth is going to fight the evil how youth is going to clean the mess you started. Everything glorious. The youth in government paid ads on tv is shiny, with perfectly combed hair and perfect clothes on, reading history books even though they might feel disgusted inside about the screwed up history we have.

But what happens to the youth that doesn't want to change your world or fight the evil. The youth with broken minds or broken homes or not-perfect smiles are still there, sometimes claiming the spaces around. I can see them, all of them. Some of them carrying their existence and their hair gracelessly.The sun doesn't shine inside their heads. The stars don't walk on their skins. They're not a goddamn sky. They're humans. Tired struggling humans with a mind full of imagination. Their skins tattooed with the maps of the cities they have to go and see one day. They're not inventing things to save the country but to save themselves and others like them. My young insane artists of the future, the future we are not sure about.

And this is the type of youth I want to talk about, I want to write more about them, maybe because I don't even know which side I am from and I need to clarify that to myself. Am I the trash trash trash art kid or the graceful worried young artist? Or maybe a hybrid of them? Maybe this isn't something for me or anyone to decide, you just fall into a category without knowing or mix into both of them  silently.

I really really really want to read more books about young adults that are not in love but making art and trying to be visible. It's a whole new world for me, trying to see the youth from another perspective I never knew was possible for me. It's just a start of another journey I have no bloody idea about, I am just on it with all of my willingness. Not that I don't want to save this world but I have some other things to take care of first.

For the youth I can see blooming in the weirdest possible ways.

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