16 September 2016

fangirling: my boys

Fangirling is fun, not just because it includes unreal people or people that are god-knows-how-real, but because you're the queen. You're the fangirl who makes things possible. You're given a person, real or fictional or dead, and you can make anything out of it, a piece of art or a poem or a fanfiction or a drawing ANYTHING. If it isn't empowering, I think you're doing it wrong.
My boys, Snow & Healy (Well I think I'll just go with Jon and Matty) are my new emotional investment and the main subject of my fangirling. I prefer my men like them: Fictional or almost unreal.
M  A T T Y    H E A L Y
Until last month I had NO idea who he was and how he hated to be called Matt instead of Matty. But my twin discovered them and told me how insane this musical creature Matty Healy is and begged me to be obsessed with him. So I did it. I'm obsessed with him and his band and his songs and how his broken mind works. Apparently, my most favorite song atm was written about him AND I HAD NO IDEA BEFORE. 
I hope he makes it to the day he's 28 years old. 
He's 27 btw.
If you have watched Somebody Else's video and saw Matty slipping from his skateboard, DID IT HURT YOU TOO? Whenever I step on my own skateboard, his falling body flashes in front of my eyes for 2 seconds. It's our daily ritual now, me on my skateboard and Matty falling from his skateboard in my mind.
And not just that, Matty is my motivation machine at the moment. An insane artist raising another insane artist without noticing. Thank you Matty, I don't care if you don't know I exist.
Making Matty Healy at home:
You're gonna need
a voodoo doll
noodles (for hair)
tissue paper (for skin)
black paint
a lot of words
and a hell lot art
J O N   S N O W
I recently finished Game Of Thrones (AREEBA WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?!?) Jon is the beautiful bastard from Winterfell and one of a few glorious tragedies from the show. I always fall for the most troubled one and Jon Snow quite fits the criteria. He's slightly dumb and usually worried and it makes me so happy to see a lead character who is a total emotional wreck and a very good person. Maybe Jon's heart is made up of cotton balls and hot coffee.
And I'm casually replying to most of the questions someone asks me with:
YOU KNOW NOTHING JON SNOW. I'm actually obsessed.

Making Jon Snow at home:
You're gonna need
ice cubes (lots and lots of them)
a very warm heart
unwanted attention
black paint
grass & noodles (for hair)
Also, here's my newest green baby, named after two great men in my life atm.
MATTY SNOW! If my fangirling is making the earth greener so it's okay I guess.
Live long, fandoms!
What kind of fangirl are you?

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