25 August 2016

Why does a covered woman bother you so much?

Recently I came across a v disturbing photograph - Four armed policemen forced a Muslim woman to remove her burkini on a beach in Nice. Burkini is beachwear for Muslims so that their bodies aren't exposed. So the armed police officers forced a woman, who was peacefully lying down and doing absolutely nothing but to have some good time, to remove a piece of clothing without her consent because of the burkini ban. 


France has banned niqabs and hijabs back in the past and it makes me furious, why does a covered woman bothers you so much that you'll go around passing laws against it. Oh well, not just covered women but covered Muslim women because nuns are allowed on beaches with their uniforms on. Where is the goddamn equality?

Most of the Muslim women cover theirselves, many don't. But a hijab and niqab is mainly a Muslim woman's identity. You can't take someone's identity against their will because of their religion. It's oppressing a whole community of human being just because their beliefs are different than yours. It makes my blood boil because I'm a part of the same community and I can't do anything to help people who believe in same things as me, we pray to the same God, we share the same holy book but I'm free to wear my scarf as I want and they are not. 

Why does it both anyone to see a person, fully clothed and head covered and sometimes burqa on? Like, does it change a person? Makes it less than a human being or does it make someone look like they're not from the same world as any other person?  Aren't we the generation who talks about freedom the most? Aren't we the same generation who promotes women empowerment better than any other generation? And still, a woman isn't allowed to dress as she likes in a fully developed and a famous country called France. Oh, I mean a covered Muslim woman.

Nakedness isn't freedom. It's a choice. Freedom in clothing means you are free to wear any goddamn thing you want. And many women decide to wear a burkini and a hijab because they're free to do so. There's not one single person in the world to tell them they can't cover theirselves just because it doesn't ~fit in~ the criteria of the freedom for women they're talking about. Well, go to hell with your standards of freedom.

Remember it's 2016 and we're here to change the world and make it a better place. Let's not make the word freedom a cliché. Promise me to be human, promise me to let others be human.

 I hope your freedom means you're free to wear & to do anything that YOU like, my babies!


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