3 August 2016

#OhJournalEtc - July (+A VLOG)

Here I am again, trying to squeeze the disasters of July into words. July was the worst so far. I didn't get time to complete my #ohjournaletc prompts so I had to complete all of them in the last week of July. I was troubled, sleepless and completely exhausted. But August is like a fresh breath, not that I'm favoring it (IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH) but it actually is a relief. It's the kind of time atm when I'm feeling like I'm getting my shit together for the first time ever. Things are working, things are screwed up but they're working. This is the kind of progress I like, the imperfect one which makes me learn stuff through the worst scenarios. I'm worried and content at the same time and this paradox is quite exciting.
The prompts for August's #OhJournalEtc are:
Beginning - Take anything that reminds you of a new start, like a morning or a month, and turn it into art. Mix your fave words and pictures and art and make something beautiful out of it

4 ElementsEarth, Water, Air, Fire. Choose whatever you like and art journal on it. Or maybe take all of these and make something unique. Or find out which element you belong to and tell your story through your journal.

Sky THIS ONE IS LIMITLESS. Sky is the start and it's a long long long way of inspiration. Use blue, white, poetry, longing and mix it with your art. Sky is limitless, be the sky.
City LoveTell a story about a city you love/loved/will always love. Tell the story of how you got involved at the first place. Let the world know what a city means to your through your art journal. (I'll be doing one for Karachi & one for Istanbul because these 2 are my everything)
And here's the July's throwback!

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on
I also vlogged about it. You can watch it down below:

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