2 August 2016

colors and me

I always fail to maintain a friendly relationship with colors. I'm an artist, I'm supposed to play with colors and not to fight them. But I'm helpless when it comes to mixing colors and emotions. I'd rather be obsessed with one single color, paint my heart with all of its shades, name my crush after it and write poetry on it than to try and mix many colors together. Because I can't control all of them, together.

And my colors theories somehow enable me to understand them better.

I'm okay with black because if there's nothing left, color it black. If you destroyed something, paint it black. You made a mistake, dip it in black and get away with it. 

I'm never okay with white because I know I'll hurt the purity of it. I create a mess and I hate when I wreck something white in the process. But the irony is, white is what I  wear most. Maybe this is how I'm trying to live with what I fear I might destroy.

And blue is the color I want to be. Because sky, ocean, earth, confidence & truth. They all are blue.
Red is the color I always have had a love/hate relationship. I grew up envying red because I couldn't control it. It flew everywhere around me, brides wore it, red roses were the only type of rose we had and it meant happiness. But to me, it always brought confusion and nothing else. Though I learned to love it because I needed to put on red lipstick. Then on one fineday, I stopped putting on red lipstick. I just didn't want to wear it again. But again on one finest day, I fell it love with an ajrak, which is red and white and black, and I'm learning to love all these colors together,

And here's the outfit made up every color I'm sensitive about. Complicated but they completed me.

Do you have any color theories?

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