18 August 2016

coca cola inspired

 I started my day with a new contour kit I just received in mail and a bottle of Coca Cola. The charm of turning 19 hasn't left me yet. I'll be in Shehr e Yarak (Karachi, I mean) for the coming week and celebrate the age I was once afraid of. 19, you don't scare me anymore. 19th year started gloriously and I swear I'm going to make the most out of my last teenage year. I'm the BIG GIRL AREEBA who is going to change the meaning of weak. 

I turned 19th on this 16th of August. Which also marks the first ever anniversary of Not Your Type blog as well. Though this blog is actually 4 years old, it was previously Aree With Umbrella (I hate this name now, I never owned an umbrella) then it turned I Have A Messy Bun (I cover my hair most of the time now and I have a pixie cut) and then finally, on my 18th birthday last year, this blog turned into Not Your Type. It was hard to name it that, I wanted to relatable all my life until I didn't anymore. I am too comfortable in my own paper skin. 

On the night of 15th August, around 11:55pm, I was sitting with my twin and a close friend of 10 years who was ill atm, drinking cola. When the clock stroke 12:05am, we realized that it's finally the big day. Siddique twins turn 19. There wasn't anyone I wanted to call or wanted to write to, I just wanted to keep drinking my cola and talk to the two girls I have spent a lifetime with and get excited over people who don't exist in real life. I love moments like this when absolutely nothing matters except the moment itself. I don't remember the last time I felt like this, peaceful and complete, too content for my own taste. This is how 19th reached me, peaceful and with a meaning. Just like the water that touches your feet gently at the shore. Maybe because I'm water. And 19 will turn me into the person I try a little too hard to finally be.

And I'm emotionally connected to cola. And when Umair Jaswal and Meesha Shafi recreated "Zaalima Coca Cola Pila de" for Coke Studio, I really really really wanted to make it a ringtone on a phone I don't have. It's 2016 and I'm phoneless, it's tragic. 

Also, I'm getting good at buying make up I have no idea how to use. Maybe this is how real make up warriors are born, trained by youtube videos and finally live by spending all of their money on make up they don't really need. I'm a make up warrior to be. I got a contour kit I know nothing about. I know, only beauty vloggers can save me.

You might be disappointed but this blog post isn't sponsored by Coca Cola. I wish it was. 

I hope you all find it fun to be dressed up as your favorite cola and buy make up you don't really need. 

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