15 July 2016

I was water

I went to Kenjhar lake with my family yesterday. And water waves drive me crazy.

A few years ago, an astrologer asked me what my birth date was, who named me, what my mother's name was. And I told him because I was fascinated by all the things he knew about everyone. In return, he told me that I was water by nature. Easily flowed, always taking shapes that make no sense. And in the end, he categorized me as "emotional". And it made me so furious. HOW DARE HE TAGS ME AS AN EMOTIONAL YOUNG GIRL WHAT'S WRONG WITH MEN OF THIS COUNTRY? You see.

I tried not to be emotional. I tried not be water. But what's wrong with being the overly emotional one, the one always flowing with the sentiments and unable to hide what's going on inside. I have always romanticized the hearts of steel but it was hard for me to accept a heart I owned and which was made up of waves and the sea.

We, Water people, grow up fearing that if we're soft enough, people will shape us as THEY like and we'll lose the originality we were born with. It's hard to accept that we're water and we don't have a permanent shape. We flow fast, lose our current position even faster, we don't stay, even in the places we like. We have to flow away. 

But water doesn't mean weak. Turn ice when you need to, cold enough to be strong. But be water again, soft enough to flow in the places you're supposed to go, be someone you're supposed to be. Be water.

I took my art journal with me because I knew I'd feel things and water waves would make me wanna do something creative. I wrote a poem there. I don't want to be afraid of being water. 

 I also took a book with me, THIS HAS THE PRETTIEST COVER. Yellow makes me so happy. It's a story about twins so I had to get it. I have a twin and I'd totally write a book about twins if I ever got a chance.


 Are you water? Or fire? Or earth? Or air?

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