15 June 2016

you look like art

 The words, you see, are the most powerful thing in the entire world. They're going to make you or break you, that's why writers can sometimes scare the shit out of me and I haven't been comfortable calling myself a writer because it takes a lot of strength. Words can change you. And I'll always be grateful to Rainbow Rowell for Eleanor & Park and I can't ever forget the time Park said in the book:
"She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn't supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something."

GODDAMMIT I DON'T EVEN READ YA FICTION ANYMORE but these words are stuck in my head. And the only pep talk I ever need to give myself whenever I'm having doubts about my physical appearance is you look like art. This is all I need, this is all I will ever need. And I'll never not tell myself to be art everyday. I mean, I CAN TOTALLY DO THAT, BABIES!

My alter ego wears her heart-shaped sunglasses all the time. This is what I painted on my t-shirt. And the t-shirt was too small to be paired with jeans or any other pants so I had to wear it with a gharara which is such a glorious piece of clothing and I've always been obsessed with them. This is where culture meets whatever I want to wear. Ta-da!

Here's your new favorite mipster!

Do you have a personal favorite pep talk?


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