3 June 2016

talk of war and education

Days ago, I read this book named War of Rain, it's about rain and war and education.

It starts with a teenager Miri who is a rain-gatherer. With her people from the village of Boreala, she goes to a mountain to gather rain - a gift from Kalono (the God of Rain) One unfortunate day, Miri accidentally kills a citizen of Stratos. Stratos declares war on Boreala and only Miri can prevent it from happening.

Basically, the story is divided into three parts. In the first one, it's about the whole desert world with a coffee-colored sky under which the peace-loving citizens of Boreala, Atmos and Nimbos live. Further there are the wild barbarians of Stratos and the God of rain who lives in mountains. 

The second part is about Miri's journeys to the mountain to ask Kalono an invention that can bring both peace and war to save her people. 

The journey that Miri takes leads her to a world where she gets her education to invent whatever she needed. THIS IS THE POINT WHICH I LOVED SO MUCH. And this is why I took the book too seriously.

Miri is a teenager who needs to save her people. She is stuck in mountains, asking the god of rain to given her an invention that will bring peace and war but she finds nothing. Then she meets a tribe living in mountains and those people teach her writing, language & science.

I've been criticizing the way my own country's education system works because all we do is to read textbooks which usually make no sense to us and they've made science hella painful to understand. Or maybe slightly impossible to understand. Chemistry & Physics killed me back in high school and I saved my sorry ass in final examination by learning all the formulas with tears and curses. So watching Miri getting her education in a manner where she actually learned scientific shiz which I can't still get made me think how wonderful would it be if our education system tries to make itself better and TEACH the kids instead of burdening them with information which is not understandable.

And Miri, just a 15 years old girl with a responsibility to save her people and fix everything that went wrong. The horrible horrible horrible thing that is war ruins everything her people ever built. This made me realize how terrible the lust for power is, the destruction brings a void along that takes decades to be filled. I've read other war books and the stories are always similar at one point - war is horrendous and it hurts so many people in so many different ways. Sometimes it ends a person completely but let him live, which is worse than being alive.

The book - it's detailed and emotional, even though I'm not into sci-fi much but I loved this one and I thought sharing it would mean something to others as well.

What are you reading these days?


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