4 June 2016

#OhJournalEtc - June

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I'm supposed to be studying (I HAVE AN EXAM THIS MONDAY) but I chose this rebellious lifestyle because I emotionally signed up for this. And the whole internet might be sure of it. And also of the fact that I'm obsessed with this art journal which is literally exploding because of the amount of art in it.

May's #ohjournaletc looked impossible for once. I thought that I wouldn't be able to make any journal pages because ~exams~ and I had to ~study~ bt then again and I ~rebelled~ and religiously followed all month's journaling prompts and didn't disappoint myself. It felt way better than I had expected.

& today, proudly presenting June's prompts for your glorious art journal:

Week 1 - Space
Draw planets, stars, constellations, aliens, whatever you believe in. Or just turn the space in your head into art. Sounds nice, eh?

Week 2 - Geometry

Week 3 - Generic Summer
Just be a basic summer kid and let your art journal feel the heat, I mean, make art about it.

Week 4 - Emotions
Poetry, drawings, any kind of art that portrays what is the state of your emotions right now.

And here's a recap of May's prompts (3RDONE IS MY PERSONAL FAVE)

Fictional Character

What's on my mind
A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on
Are you ready for June's #ohjournaletc? or do you keep an art journal?

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