18 June 2016

not your type

Blog name histories are my favorite kind of posts. Yesterday I was reading Meg's blog rebranding story and I was like WHY I HAVEN'T DONE MINE YET? and it meant a blog story time.

I rebranded my blog from I Have A Messy Bun to Not Your Type on 16th August 2015, which also marks my 18th birthday. My birthday week started as one of the worst weeks of 2015/my life and I was disappointed + scared + excited because I knew I was just given the charge of my own life. Being 18, what I was actually supposed to do was to be carefree and reading YA novels in my free time but nature decided I was not going to do that. Instead I had to find a way to build my life and this is exactly what I did. And then I thought I need to change my blog's name because it's my second life online and it has to be affected as well.

Not your type is basically a way of saying yep guys I'm done with you all, I am not like how you all are and it's not a problem anymore. It means I'm not going to take anyone's shit and trying to be something I am not. It means I'm unbothered by being the misfit, the weird one, the one who always feels like an outsider. It means I'm okay with my differences and I'll always be. I don't need to be someone's type. I don't mind being me, neither offline nor online. 

My friends told me this new name sounds cold & rude, at least to them & might give the same effect to others but MY GOD KNOWS THIS NAME IS FOR ME NOT FOR OTHERS. So I bought a new domain, changed my facebook page's name and there I was, being not your type

My blog name, you see, is fierce. And I feel like having a connection with it & my baby blog. I'm just too glad to name it something I can proudly talk about. So, this is the little history behind this blog of mine. You all are always welcome here even if I'm not your type or you are not my type. We can always be a paradox together.

And here's a little photo diary to celebrate this blog.

What's the story behind YOUR blog name?


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