1 June 2016

how the hell do we do the internet thing?

For the past few years, I thought internet was a place for me to spread my art, make money online, give and take some emotional support and learn things. What I didn't know was that some others are capable of doing even bigger things online, such as take things personally and try to bash someone for a thing someone said. 

It all started with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce. I'm a huge Depp fan and watching him getting into trouble for a horrible thing (domestic violence) made me angry & emotional (HOW COULD HE DO THAT/HOW SOMEONE CAN DO THAT TO HIM/WHATS GOING ON?) I posted this on my tumblr:


What I meant was that I'm utterly disappointed about what happened. I wasn't not "taking sides" or telling people that Amber is a liar. I posted a general thing.

Do you know how internet works? We want to tell the world what we think. I took Depp's matter personally and took so many minutes from my life to type and fix the wrong words and added an effort to put it online. I was expecting a little reaction like someone would tell me that they're disappointed or sad like normal internet people do. But I got so much negativity in return. Ta-da. Newest level on my internet life. 

These are my personal favorites:

-the longest reaction was from someone I had never interacted before. Maybe he/she took my mistake of writing "the worst thing he could do" instead of "one of the worst thing he could do" VERY SERIOUSLY and wrote this whole bloody fanfic which might have taken a lot of her/his time and it's casually so horrible. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

-someone messaged me because I had put the hashtag of amber rose BY MISTAKE. GOOD GOD IT WAS A MISTAKE (I fixed it obviously but internet is so fast) and with a little more talk she blocked me. Ta-da! 

-a conversation with an anon made me feel good even though it doesn't look that way. I vented and it was good.

It all happened so suddenly, so fast, in just a few hours of posting it on my tumblog that I was scared at first. Imagine me staring at my screen and watching my notifications going mad till midnight because I was obsessed how creative people can be when sending hateful things online. I waited and waited and saw everything and kept myself from absorbing anything because it wasn't about me, it was about 2 celebrities who didn't know I was in a little trouble because of them. And that night, I learned how the internet works, at least for me.

Rule #1:
There's absolutely no rule how to behave/work/live on internet. You gotta do what you like, what you think can/should do and there's absolutely no one to save your sorry ass if you get into trouble. Keep that in your mind. 

Whatever you're going to do is going to have a reaction and it's going to be both negative + positive. There'll be people who will follow you because of it & there will be others who will unfollow you and you better not be sad about it. It's internet, there's no guarantee.

Your opinion doesn't matter until it does. It's all about timing, one hashtag or one single line and you're in front of thousands of people.

Don't worry if you don't know what you're doing, I'm sure most of us have no single idea what's happening and it kinda relaxes me.

Don't be afraid if some of your posts get a negative reaction. You're still in your home and people sending you horrible things are at their homes too, it's an online fight and you have nothing special to lose except a few nerves if you decide to.

Be a true internet kid & don't give a single shit. Personally, I'd forgive anyone who said anything bad about what I posted but it would take a few days, simply because people on internet think they have the power to fix anyone's mind/thoughts/opinion and maybe it helps them in living their lives. Ta-da!

And to celebrate being an internet kid, I have a photo diary to share which includes bubblegum, me wearing a nath and being myself.

Internet is a weird/wonderful place, isnt it?


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