26 June 2016

fake it till you make it

Last week I gave someone on twitter the best advice ever & then I realized GODDAMN IT, WASN'T IT THE SECRET OF MY LIFE? and then I told myself: not anymore, Areeba.

I told him the magical words, fake it till you make it. It's a small sentence until you ~feel~ what it's actually trying to say. It's trying to tell you "FOOL YOURSELF & GO THROUGH THIS SHIT SWIFTLY you're gonna be almost safe."

And this is the sentence that changed the way I lived.
Let's keep the negative connotations aside, it's not asking you to "fake" a personality you do not have or try to be a person you're not supposed to be just to make it. It's directly related to confidence, and in my case, art too.

What it means, at least to me, is that it's an open invitation to fool your anxiety and fears, risk everything you have build emotionally and just jump in something that might wreck you. Like DON'T TALK TO THAT PERSON YOU'LL MESS THIS UP to the first hi with a wicked grin. To DO NOT SEND THIS EMAIL PLEASE DO NOT SEND THIS EMAIL to email sent. Fool yourself, babies, until you make it. Faking to be a braver version of yourself usually turns out to be in your favor. But it's not magical, you see, there are always chances of falling. I fell, too many times and I even once swear I won't try this ~fake it till you make it thing because it sucks~ but I did again and again and it made me the person I am today. It was worth it.
And when it comes to art, ask yourself how you can fake it? IS IT POSSIBLE? IS IT RIGHT? Well, yep.

Like confidence, you can totally fool yourself and trick yourself into thinking you too can make art. And be art. And create a life you wanted to live, sometimes on paper, sometimes in your head and finally in reality. It's not hard, fool yourself and start something artsy. Be a "fake artist" who just makes a mess until you don't make a mess anymore and you don't have you tag yourself a fake artist anymore. It's that easy, babies!

Let's fake it till we make it!
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