7 May 2016

Who you are, little lady?

Internet has taught me a lot. It taught me to accept things such as my very own self. And people on internet can be so bloody inspiring I CAN'T STOP MYSELF TO BE BETTER EVERYDAY. Little by little, I'm filling myself with good things. I've stuffed myself with a lot of art and poetry that there's no turning back for me. I can't look away from what I have turned into. I know exactly who I am right now.

I'm the scariest version of myself at this moment. I've never had this much freedom, this much creativity and this much confidence before. The girl I was in the past was the sweetest and was afraid of people like the current me. I am sure I'd have scared her so bad she would want to avoid me. I remember being scared of people who had plans, who had words, who knew what they are.

Every morning, I wake up with a void ahead of me but I don't mind. I don't think it's empty to haunt me but it's there to give me space, to grow, to expand my imagination in the spaces inside my head. I don't have to be the perfect daughter or everyone's favorite or an outstanding student but a human being making enough progress & tad bit of money for the basics.

I'm a creative person. People usually don't expect me to change the world. I think they're being selfish. They want me to do things that will change their world. My mother is okay with having  daughter who doesn't want a real job that will make her a real person. And this is all I had asked for. A creative life, a content mother, a brave me and lots of internet involved. 

And now, if someone asks me who I am and what I am doing with my life, I'm not going to be freaked out. I'd say I'm an internet warrior because I make money online and post funny videos on Youtube and write on my blog and be poetic and slay instagram. 

And it's absolutely fine.


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