11 May 2016

what's on my mind

There are so many things going inside my head. And I need to pour them out on internet. 

Yesterday, Azealia Banks attacked at Zayn Malik on twitter. Celebrity fights are all fun and games until it turns offensive, not just to the targeted celebrity but to other people as well. She called him a curry scented bitch (& other v creatively offensive + racist things as well) but this hit the whole South Asian community. And then, desi twitter exploded. All of us tweeted our most glorious photographs under the hashtag #curryscentedbitch because we're hella gorgeous and our curry is the tastiest and we're proud of it and Azealia needed to see it. If she thinks that calling Zayn a curry scented Paki guy who was put into One Direction as a token of attention only would make her feel better about herself. she is out of her senses & needs help.

And above are my favorite desi women on internet.
Reva // Me  // Sharan // 

As exams are coming near, all I want is to spend my money on food and read more mystery novels while eating, go outside more, buy new plants and party. I think there's a disco ball stuck in my head, clearly misguiding me. This happens ever year, this is how I casually welcome my exams: by not studying until I HAVE to.

 I'm obsessed with Bajirao Mastani. I had an idea that this film is going to disturb all of my emotions and then stay in my mind for a long long long time and it happened. All I can think about is that how can people still fall in love?  How can someone not see that even we have developed everything, this version of our world in 2016 is so boring. Not that I want to go back (I'm extremely happy with my life in 21st century) but back in time, culture ran in peoples' blood and it was so glorious.  Also, it really annoys me that why don't we dress like the old times anymore? I'd kill for Mastani's wardrobe. 

Deewani Mastani is on repeat. 

And finally, I'm travelling around the world. In my head. I'm going to make a club called Broke Adventurous Kids for people like who love to travel but can't. The main purpose would be to highlight the emotional problems we face and how hard traveling magazines + wanderlust quotes are on us sometimes. Also, WHY AREN'T WE TRAVELING THE WORLD ALREADY?
What's on your mind?

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