1 May 2016

the art of letting a human go

Poetry by Rupi Kaur || my own picture
Warning: All the stuff in this post is 200% not romantic. I have other important people and issues in my life. 

Just a few months ago, I had to leave a really important person in my life behind and pack my bags and move on. I wrote that human being so many letters that are never going to be sent. 

Last week, after a long long long day, I was staring at the sky because according to my theory, a cloudless sky has all the answers. I stared at it and it stared at me back. Well, I found my answer.

The thing is, balance. 

Well I hate this bloody word because I never keep the balance in anything. I hate waking up early and going to bed early, I forget to drink a balanced amount of water or eat a balanced amount of food, I like my world out of control because I like to think of my life as a hurricane. Unpredictable, wild, poetic and taking no shit from anyone. But guys, balance.

My latest theory that I have developed to learn the art of letting a human go from my mind and life v peacefully, without a heartbreak and a long while of tantrums, is:

"Everyone that steps in your life or is from the very start has a part to play. Long or short, it depends. What nature does is to make that person play his/her part, get you what you're supposed to take from him/her. Don't be selfish, if he/she has already given you what you were supposed to take, let him/her go. Don't be greedy. Let it be love or attention or money or care or protection, anything. Let the person go. Don't ruin the balance. Don't think that the absence of that person is going to create a void in your existence, it'll only give you space to grow or to let someone else in. Don't fill your life with people that are supposed to leave, it'll make you suffocate on times you're supposed to be breathing. Let it counterbalance. And you are going to be perfectly fine, by the way."

I have lost a big amount of people in my life and this theory fits them all. It's great to know that all the human beings who had to leave were actually doing me a favor. 
And I thought of all the things I took from them made me the person I am today. A very important human being from the past taught me how to stand and I think I was supposed to fall when that person walked out on me but goddamn it! He had already taught me how to stand with my head high so I kept standing. God, I have spent so much time listening to lost & found after the incident. 

This is the art of letting a human go. Practice it if needed.

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