4 May 2016

#OhJournalEtc - May

It's May, it's May, it's May and it's the month which is supposed to freak me out because exams and summer. But I'm so calm it should scare me. I've started writing poetry again, working on my youtube channel which has gained 100+ subscribers already and spending more time creating stuff that makes me feel fierce. 

And I'm back with #ohjournaletc. The creative little community on instagram under the hashtag has been giving me so much energy, each entry gives me more power to make more art. 

This month's prompts are:
-Fictional character
-What's on your mind

For each prompt, think of link that connects you and the given prompt through art. For fictional character, think of all the characters you once felt an emotional touch with, characters that made you feel something and turn it into art.
What's on your mind is my favorite. I like turning my thoughts into art because it's easier and it makes me feel lighter. And I'm sure Ocean would bring all the feels for water and sand in me. Tides would call my name again and I'd be happily art journaling about it. 

Last, skin.

Today is #unfairandlovely day, a time to celebrate dark skins. Skin is mainly to celebrate your skin, your skin stories and art related it. I'm really excited for it because it's one topic I feel extremely attracted to. I have a troubled skin and I LOVE talking about it. Let's make art on it too.

Make art on the given prompts, post it with the hashtag #ohjournaletc on your instagram and explore others' entries. SNEAK INTO SOMEONE ELSE'S JOURNAL.

Last month's throwback.

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on


A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

I hope to see more journal entries, guys. Let me know if you're up for it. Let's make art together!


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