1 April 2016


I posted an article Youth 2015 in Dazzled Mag last year. Though my thoughts are still almost the same but here's a little edited version of it. God bless the youth.
My mother complains about teenagers. From me to other teens in my family or a teen kid on street or the one she saw in a store, she complains about us a lot. Because the hair we do is wrong/ weird/ DO-PEOPLE-EVEN-DO-THAT/ WHY-WOULD-SOMEONE-MAKE-THAT/ I-DONT-UNDERST-AND-IT/ different. The art aesthetic we are bringing up is WHAT-IS-THIS. The music we listen is THE-SINGER-SOUNDS-LIKE-HE-IS-IN-PAIN. We are raised by complicated elders who don't warn us about actual lives and regret that later. Because, in reality, we're very good people in the weird century with tired and freaked out parents. 

If I could be given 2 minutes to address the good old parents worried about their youth, I'd tell them not to be exhausted about every mistake the young people are making. We need to fall down once to stand up properly and 100% on our own. You can't raise us like your parents did because you can't collide year 1970 with year 2016 or else it would be so disastrous. We like change and noise and tearing up old theories apart and make our own stories. I think it's the change and the difference that scares you all. We don't destroy things, we make art. We are just trying to build ourselves from scratch and we appreciate being alone sometimes. Yes, we are worried about the future, but goddamn it we are the future ourselves. And don't worry, if some of us like to believe about things you do not believe in, or, if the books that we like are rebellious, or, if we like our music louder, we still are nice people scared of your bad words. Do not try to crush whatever we have in mind, we are trying to build a world that is different from yours because everyone deserves a life they want. 

We're not sad or lost, we're different. Some of us don't know it yet. We're not the highly edited version of our parents. We're not the average creators, we're reckless romantics and an army of creative rebels. You can't tag us internet sadist generation because we're NOT just crying or whining or ranting on internet, we're turning this into an art. We're making history.

Give us the culture and your old ways and let us be free with it, we'll twist it with something magical. We'll learn to behave. Have faith in your youth. 

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