12 April 2016

so sad today || illustrations

So sad today has to be my MOST favorite twitter account ever. It's a raw showcase of feelings. The tweets might feel empty, pathetic and dark sometimes but they're mostly what many of us want to say most of the time. And trust me, a lot of them would be the best replies to some really weird situations but obviously we can't casually use them. They'll get us into straight trouble. 

Here are 2 of my fave tweets from this week. 
There's so much happening in my head: Internet, regrets, everything I am not able to do. What I don't need right now is a feeling that would make me poetic. And if you have enough emotions and feelings for yourself, stay away. 

 I followed my heart and now I'm in the middle of the sea, with my heart glasses on and everything looks around looks a weird mixture of violet and blue. There's too much wind and I'm stuck in water, not yet turned into a mermaid cause I still can feel my toes. The heart is a stupid stupid stupid thing.

 It's a quick post for my appreciation for so sad today. BOTH SCENES ARE IMAGINARY AND ARE DIRECTLY FROM MY HEAD XOXO

Do you have a fave twitter account?


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