7 April 2016

Senseless insults

I HAVE SURVIVED MY FIST EVER EXAM OF THE SEASON. And I'm back at internet. I have a thing for fancy words, both good or bad. And people can be quite creative with insults. I needed some ideas for my new art post so I have decided to turn a few of my most fave (or weird) insults (that are NOT actually insults) to turn into art.

Maharani means Queen. But if you're being sarcastic and trying to humiliate someone by calling her Maharani, this means you actually think that she's lazy/spoilt/have no future/can't do anything/have no hope for anything in life/doesn't want to move her ass.

Kitabi Keera
It means a bookworm, with a little awful volume. I have a habit of reading in events, weddings, anywhere possible. I sometimes take my books even to dinners in case they turn out to be boring. I can always count on them. And many people don't find it attractive. Too bad authors have written romantic books about people falling in love with women reading a book. I don't find such a thing possible. Mostly people find young women with book weird. 

Art Student!!??!!!
People freak out when I tell them I'm studying Arts. The most common phrase is "BUT NOBODY IN YOUR FAMILY HAS TAKEN ARTS" or "WHY DID YOU TAKE ARTS YOU WERE BRILLIANT IN SCHOOL" don't you think it's quite unique and you should pat me on my back instead of rolling your eyes and being disgusted? I mean, aren't you glad I'm not doing drugs or doing other horrible stuff? I'm such a nice person by the way.

Turning my thoughts into art is a way for me to feel lighter and also a little therapeutic. It just is. I'm really glad I have a way to turn annoying things into art and show the world that such things don't have to worry you, you can always turn them into art and be happy about it. 

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