3 April 2016

#OhJournalEtc - April

It's April already. It means summer, another instgram meet up, exams and NO MORE COLLEGE. I already feel anxious for practical life ahead. I've already applied for a "dream job" and life feels unbelievably good right now. I'm the girl who is making progress and learning new things everyday. And good god I sold a lot of art last week. This month, I'm looking for future and not stepping back into past. Everything is on it's finest, Alhamdulillah. And as it's April so here are your #ohjournaletc prompts. Many people have been asking me to post journal tutorials so I'll be doing that in near future. God bless you all, my creatve army.

April Prompts

-Pretend your journal is your pinterest
-Pick a color and make something out of it (HINT: Halsey's song Colors will be an amazing start)
-Mix paint and words together
-Use Pantone color charts + aesthetics 

What's the story behind your name? WHO NAMED YOU? Why is your like what is it like? Make this journal entry all about your name. It's origin, pronunciation etc and turn it into art.

What's in your playlist? Which song is on your repeat list? Make art about it (HINT: Album covers)

Get creative with it. Heartbreaks aren't always about boys. Sometimes it's about not being able to achieve your dreams or not having the dream job or not being able to travel cos you're a broke adventurous kid. Just turn this feeling into art.

Blast from the past: March's journal entries.


"I ' M   H A U N T E D   B Y   H U M A N S"

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M A D N E S S 

F R O M   M Y   H E [A R T]
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Will you be joining #ohjournaletc this month? All of the journal entries make me SO EXCITED. A little art in your life never hurts. It just makes things a little easier emotionally. If you think you're going to fill your journal with blunders, go for it. Make beautiful and artsy mistakes. I'll be proud of it, we all will be. Just give it a go.
Art isn't supposed to look nice, it's supposed to make you feel something.
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