21 April 2016

If Halsey had South Asian parents - a photo diary

 What actually happened is a good wedding season & a new hair cut. And the cap I'm wearing is almost stolen from an uncle who doesn't mind if he loses anything (which is more irresponsible of him but it's working well for me) And the there's me, inspired by Halsey's usual style (the hair, the cap, the attitude ta da) and appreciating her existence because she has taken over 40% of my playlist and maybe it's the best thing that happened after a long while to my music collection. There's something about her that touches my heart, maybe it's her recklessness or the way she romanticize things which I cannot. I have hard times romanticising things/persons/weather.

This blog post is supposed to be a photo diary of what will happen if Halsey had South Asian parents, forcing her into getting a rishta (marriage proposal)  

Be proud of me, Halsey.

PS: My first Youtube experience was BOMB and I'm so motivated + excited to do more videos. It's funny how I was always afraid to do it and suddenly it's been done and I have a channel and my family members have become more supportive of it than they ever were of this blog. 

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