25 April 2016

a dead & glorious city || photo diary of #instameetThatta

The district of Thatta is full of dead people and historical places. Shrines, mosques and old buildings are its speciality. When Instgaram announced its official instameet dates, me and my squad planned another trip to the heart of this dead and glorious city. Instameets are basically what you call an adventure with internet people. People from instagram gather together, talk and take pictures. We did one last year as well (plus I've practically spent a big part of my life in the district) so it was more like home.

It started with a road trip from Karachi to Keenjhar lake, then a boat ride to Noori Jam Tamachi's shrine. Her shrine is actually in the middle of the lake. You gotta take a boat to reach there. 

 Noori was a fisherwoman who became the wife of Jam Tamachi who was the ruler of Thatta. He fell in love with her. She's buried there along with a famous Saint Shah Hondro. Noori & Jam Tamachi are a part of Shah Jo Risalo who is one of the most famous Sindhi books, based on 7 romantic tales. It's the only story that didn't end tragically, I mean it was tragic that Noori was poisoned in the end by some hater but at least she got to marry Jam Tamachi.

And no, my twin sister is not named after her. Though her nick is Noori.

 At the shrine, I tried convincing everyone that I look like a piece of art + highly instagrammable so they should take a photo of me. It's mainly because my outfit was on point and it made me utterly happy. Jadirah took this photo, THANKS BBY!

I took my art journal with me so that I could make some art about the instameet. The theme given by Instagram was Earth Day. Making art by the shore of Keenjhar lake was the last thing I had imagined but it really happened. 


We were at a dhaba for the food. HERE'S TO MY CREATIVE WOMEN! 

Then comes the glorious graveyard of Makli. The heart of famous dead people, king and queens. 

 The people.

 Me & Jadirah.

It was not just an instameet for photographs but a way to deal with my wanderlust. I was an excited kid with too many things to see, discover and talk about. I live for days like this when I don't have to be myself, explain things or make sense out of anything but just to see what's out thee in this world. And I LOVED each moment of it.

You can read Jadirah's post of our trip here.

Have you ever been to an instameet?


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