30 April 2016


Wreck this journal is probably one of my most important things in my life. I LOVE art journals and this one comes with a twist. I couldn't find it around so I ordered it from eBay. But I just realized Liberty books Pakistan offer it so if you're looking for it, you can get it from there. 

The main idea of the journal is to wreck it with art, ISN'T IT THE BEST KIND OF DESTRUCTION?

I did this page today because I'm obsessed with it. Mainly because it's about khussay, they're traditional Pakistani footwear and they're too glorious to handle. Noor bought me these and I can't stop wearing them EVERYWHERE.

 And I have filmed a little vlog about it. Watch it below.

Do you have a wreck this journal? 


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27 April 2016

Words from books I'll never write pt2

I have a notebook which I use solely for writings. Good or bad, everything goes in there. Last month I gave it a wanderlust inspired cover but it's not just about wanderlust. It's all about what's going inside my head. And I've decided to share some of my writings again.

The first time I wrote a post like this, it was like:
Dear readers, this blog is my safe heaven where I can try things, fail things, not-fail things and succeed a little, be happy, create content that makes a difference. So I'm trying one more thing here, I'm trying to write more, imagine more, be a little more than what I already am. So, this is a new post series, will be posted weekly/monthly/whenever I'm done writing something. I am not good at sketching characters or writing anything at all that makes perfect sense but look I'm trying. This post series is a sign of trying. These are incomplete, improper & totally raw scenes from my mind that I want you all to read. Let's give it a go and stay with me.

Finally, this thing has a second edition.

"I kept staring the the window. It was morning outside. I am grateful for the white curtains in my room. They're one a few finest things I could afford. The room lacks fine things. I look at the fine white walls and they stare back at me. I feel like they're complaining, asking me to get out and replace myself with a fine girl who knows what life is, where to place a mirror in this room, what colored bed sheet would go with these walls and bed, things like that etc. I try to tell them that I'm not the girl who would make these white walls a better shade of white. They don't listen to me. I want to tell them that white scares me and I hope one day I wake up and find the whiteness gone. I don't care what the color of these walls would turn into but let it be not white, some shades of blue would work, like a sky in front of me, but for god's sake no white. White is not peace and it's not divine, white is emptiness and absence of everything that I've ever wanted to feel."
-Woman NOT in white


"I had thought he'd be ugly, maybe with some broken bones, a burning heart I could see, nose too long, all dressed in black, stepping into the room directly from hell. But he wasn't like that at all. He was young, attractive and all dressed in teal. I had realized he was made up of everything that embarrassed me. Remember grade 9 when I liked a guy and named him after teal color which was my favorite back then, the color comes from there. And attractive men annoy me for no particular reason.

 When I first met him, I expected him to laugh at me and talk in a way like villains do. But he sat in front of me and did the one thing that kills me, he didn't even look at me. THE BITCH WAS IGNORING ME. When he finally talked, he asked me about the paper I almost failed and even the talk of it gives me panic attacks. He clearly knew that I can't recall the memory without losing my senses at least once or twice. He's a dark creature for a reason, I thought. I never knew I was home to such darkness. I made tea, obviously for him, and coffee for me. I had a feeling that he liked everything I hated. Obviously, he was my very own demon, coming to meet me for our monthly meetings, ignoring me and drinking tea in my drawing room."
-Demon of my own

 GOD I LOVE WRITING SO MUCH. I know the writings are wicked and I'm not a "real writer" but I love to write and that's what this blog is all about. 


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25 April 2016

a dead & glorious city || photo diary of #instameetThatta

The district of Thatta is full of dead people and historical places. Shrines, mosques and old buildings are its speciality. When Instgaram announced its official instameet dates, me and my squad planned another trip to the heart of this dead and glorious city. Instameets are basically what you call an adventure with internet people. People from instagram gather together, talk and take pictures. We did one last year as well (plus I've practically spent a big part of my life in the district) so it was more like home.

It started with a road trip from Karachi to Keenjhar lake, then a boat ride to Noori Jam Tamachi's shrine. Her shrine is actually in the middle of the lake. You gotta take a boat to reach there. 

 Noori was a fisherwoman who became the wife of Jam Tamachi who was the ruler of Thatta. He fell in love with her. She's buried there along with a famous Saint Shah Hondro. Noori & Jam Tamachi are a part of Shah Jo Risalo who is one of the most famous Sindhi books, based on 7 romantic tales. It's the only story that didn't end tragically, I mean it was tragic that Noori was poisoned in the end by some hater but at least she got to marry Jam Tamachi.

And no, my twin sister is not named after her. Though her nick is Noori.

 At the shrine, I tried convincing everyone that I look like a piece of art + highly instagrammable so they should take a photo of me. It's mainly because my outfit was on point and it made me utterly happy. Jadirah took this photo, THANKS BBY!

I took my art journal with me so that I could make some art about the instameet. The theme given by Instagram was Earth Day. Making art by the shore of Keenjhar lake was the last thing I had imagined but it really happened. 


We were at a dhaba for the food. HERE'S TO MY CREATIVE WOMEN! 

Then comes the glorious graveyard of Makli. The heart of famous dead people, king and queens. 

 The people.

 Me & Jadirah.

It was not just an instameet for photographs but a way to deal with my wanderlust. I was an excited kid with too many things to see, discover and talk about. I live for days like this when I don't have to be myself, explain things or make sense out of anything but just to see what's out thee in this world. And I LOVED each moment of it.

You can read Jadirah's post of our trip here.

Have you ever been to an instameet?


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21 April 2016

If Halsey had South Asian parents - a photo diary

 What actually happened is a good wedding season & a new hair cut. And the cap I'm wearing is almost stolen from an uncle who doesn't mind if he loses anything (which is more irresponsible of him but it's working well for me) And the there's me, inspired by Halsey's usual style (the hair, the cap, the attitude ta da) and appreciating her existence because she has taken over 40% of my playlist and maybe it's the best thing that happened after a long while to my music collection. There's something about her that touches my heart, maybe it's her recklessness or the way she romanticize things which I cannot. I have hard times romanticising things/persons/weather.

This blog post is supposed to be a photo diary of what will happen if Halsey had South Asian parents, forcing her into getting a rishta (marriage proposal)  

Be proud of me, Halsey.

PS: My first Youtube experience was BOMB and I'm so motivated + excited to do more videos. It's funny how I was always afraid to do it and suddenly it's been done and I have a channel and my family members have become more supportive of it than they ever were of this blog. 

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19 April 2016

Lipstick Talk + A MINI VLAAAHG

If I could talk to my younger self right now, I'd ask her: WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN'T HANDLE LIPSTICKS? 

Well, hey there, I have a mini vlog embedded at the end of the post and there's a youtube channel you can subscribe now and there are lipstick shades I want to talk about. I had thought I'd never find a place in make up for me but thank goodness I was wrong. Though I still know nothing of make up but I think I like lipsticks way too much. Dark, bold, deadly lipsticks. Or nude or lightest shades. There's nothing in between. My current top 3 shades are my life right now and I had to let the world know about it. 

So, TA-DA! Here comes 2 minute and few seconds of me talking about my most favorite lipsticks. It includes deadly maroon, perfect purple and my most favorite unknown shade. 


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12 April 2016

so sad today || illustrations

So sad today has to be my MOST favorite twitter account ever. It's a raw showcase of feelings. The tweets might feel empty, pathetic and dark sometimes but they're mostly what many of us want to say most of the time. And trust me, a lot of them would be the best replies to some really weird situations but obviously we can't casually use them. They'll get us into straight trouble. 

Here are 2 of my fave tweets from this week. 
There's so much happening in my head: Internet, regrets, everything I am not able to do. What I don't need right now is a feeling that would make me poetic. And if you have enough emotions and feelings for yourself, stay away. 

 I followed my heart and now I'm in the middle of the sea, with my heart glasses on and everything looks around looks a weird mixture of violet and blue. There's too much wind and I'm stuck in water, not yet turned into a mermaid cause I still can feel my toes. The heart is a stupid stupid stupid thing.

 It's a quick post for my appreciation for so sad today. BOTH SCENES ARE IMAGINARY AND ARE DIRECTLY FROM MY HEAD XOXO

Do you have a fave twitter account?


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8 April 2016

What about kindness?

2016 has been determined to test me and let me do everything I thought I couldn't do. OR couldn't do with ease. It's surpriringly how easier things look once they're done, especially if they were tagged as "CAN'T-HAPPEN-WON'T-HAPPEN" in our minds once.

So, exactly two days ago, I changed my mind over the topic of kindness.

For me, kindness has always been something you watch on tv, a guy sacrifising his life for a kid in a tv show or when a mother does something extraordinary for her child. I had always associated kindness with a mother or a random stranger that will suddenly appear into my life and fix everything. Well, I was wrong but that's what it was for me. And I can openly confess that I was never a kind person. Maybe I thought I can never be. Or maybe I was, I'm generally nice to people around. Maybe because I thought kindness required a lot of power, a lot of energy, maybe it takes a hell lot of effort that's why people ignore being kind. Maybe it's the hardest job to think of others.
Or maybe that's what we are taught while growing up that tough girls who don't give a shit are good and will stay and the others will go down. This is what we romanticise, to have a girl that can be a cold hearted bitch. People will write song about her. High school kids teach you to be mean, to be cold, to insult, to not help. Maybe the youngest minds are really dangerous at some point. 
To be very honest, I still think that tough girls who don't give a shit will stay up and will shine brighter, but that doesn't mean you should NEVER give a shit, it's good to care sometimes, when it's needed. It's good to be sensitive when it's required. 

It all came to my mind because I think I pulled up an act of kindness to someone just two days ago. It wasn't big but it terrified me that why I was being so hard on myself whenever it came to kindness? And then I realised I CAN be kind to someone, I can be kind to myself too. And it was a sudden moment of clairty. Kindness does require strenght, but it's all in your head. It is possible to be kind without giving yourself too much of a trouble. It's possible to care of other human beings while keeping your guards high. It's a lesson that I learned in just a few seconds.

I hope this year I learn to forgive too. I like keeping things in balance now. I'd like to see myself as a girl who turned into a huamn being, not just by possessing all essential senses and organs but the important factors that make someone human.

What about kindness?


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7 April 2016

Senseless insults

I HAVE SURVIVED MY FIST EVER EXAM OF THE SEASON. And I'm back at internet. I have a thing for fancy words, both good or bad. And people can be quite creative with insults. I needed some ideas for my new art post so I have decided to turn a few of my most fave (or weird) insults (that are NOT actually insults) to turn into art.

Maharani means Queen. But if you're being sarcastic and trying to humiliate someone by calling her Maharani, this means you actually think that she's lazy/spoilt/have no future/can't do anything/have no hope for anything in life/doesn't want to move her ass.

Kitabi Keera
It means a bookworm, with a little awful volume. I have a habit of reading in events, weddings, anywhere possible. I sometimes take my books even to dinners in case they turn out to be boring. I can always count on them. And many people don't find it attractive. Too bad authors have written romantic books about people falling in love with women reading a book. I don't find such a thing possible. Mostly people find young women with book weird. 

Art Student!!??!!!
People freak out when I tell them I'm studying Arts. The most common phrase is "BUT NOBODY IN YOUR FAMILY HAS TAKEN ARTS" or "WHY DID YOU TAKE ARTS YOU WERE BRILLIANT IN SCHOOL" don't you think it's quite unique and you should pat me on my back instead of rolling your eyes and being disgusted? I mean, aren't you glad I'm not doing drugs or doing other horrible stuff? I'm such a nice person by the way.

Turning my thoughts into art is a way for me to feel lighter and also a little therapeutic. It just is. I'm really glad I have a way to turn annoying things into art and show the world that such things don't have to worry you, you can always turn them into art and be happy about it. 

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3 April 2016

#OhJournalEtc - April

It's April already. It means summer, another instgram meet up, exams and NO MORE COLLEGE. I already feel anxious for practical life ahead. I've already applied for a "dream job" and life feels unbelievably good right now. I'm the girl who is making progress and learning new things everyday. And good god I sold a lot of art last week. This month, I'm looking for future and not stepping back into past. Everything is on it's finest, Alhamdulillah. And as it's April so here are your #ohjournaletc prompts. Many people have been asking me to post journal tutorials so I'll be doing that in near future. God bless you all, my creatve army.

April Prompts

-Pretend your journal is your pinterest
-Pick a color and make something out of it (HINT: Halsey's song Colors will be an amazing start)
-Mix paint and words together
-Use Pantone color charts + aesthetics 

What's the story behind your name? WHO NAMED YOU? Why is your like what is it like? Make this journal entry all about your name. It's origin, pronunciation etc and turn it into art.

What's in your playlist? Which song is on your repeat list? Make art about it (HINT: Album covers)

Get creative with it. Heartbreaks aren't always about boys. Sometimes it's about not being able to achieve your dreams or not having the dream job or not being able to travel cos you're a broke adventurous kid. Just turn this feeling into art.

Blast from the past: March's journal entries.


"I ' M   H A U N T E D   B Y   H U M A N S"

A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on

M A D N E S S 

F R O M   M Y   H E [A R T]
A photo posted by Areeba Siddique (@ohareeba) on
Will you be joining #ohjournaletc this month? All of the journal entries make me SO EXCITED. A little art in your life never hurts. It just makes things a little easier emotionally. If you think you're going to fill your journal with blunders, go for it. Make beautiful and artsy mistakes. I'll be proud of it, we all will be. Just give it a go.
Art isn't supposed to look nice, it's supposed to make you feel something.
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1 April 2016


I posted an article Youth 2015 in Dazzled Mag last year. Though my thoughts are still almost the same but here's a little edited version of it. God bless the youth.
My mother complains about teenagers. From me to other teens in my family or a teen kid on street or the one she saw in a store, she complains about us a lot. Because the hair we do is wrong/ weird/ DO-PEOPLE-EVEN-DO-THAT/ WHY-WOULD-SOMEONE-MAKE-THAT/ I-DONT-UNDERST-AND-IT/ different. The art aesthetic we are bringing up is WHAT-IS-THIS. The music we listen is THE-SINGER-SOUNDS-LIKE-HE-IS-IN-PAIN. We are raised by complicated elders who don't warn us about actual lives and regret that later. Because, in reality, we're very good people in the weird century with tired and freaked out parents. 

If I could be given 2 minutes to address the good old parents worried about their youth, I'd tell them not to be exhausted about every mistake the young people are making. We need to fall down once to stand up properly and 100% on our own. You can't raise us like your parents did because you can't collide year 1970 with year 2016 or else it would be so disastrous. We like change and noise and tearing up old theories apart and make our own stories. I think it's the change and the difference that scares you all. We don't destroy things, we make art. We are just trying to build ourselves from scratch and we appreciate being alone sometimes. Yes, we are worried about the future, but goddamn it we are the future ourselves. And don't worry, if some of us like to believe about things you do not believe in, or, if the books that we like are rebellious, or, if we like our music louder, we still are nice people scared of your bad words. Do not try to crush whatever we have in mind, we are trying to build a world that is different from yours because everyone deserves a life they want. 

We're not sad or lost, we're different. Some of us don't know it yet. We're not the highly edited version of our parents. We're not the average creators, we're reckless romantics and an army of creative rebels. You can't tag us internet sadist generation because we're NOT just crying or whining or ranting on internet, we're turning this into an art. We're making history.

Give us the culture and your old ways and let us be free with it, we'll twist it with something magical. We'll learn to behave. Have faith in your youth. 

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