28 March 2016

you all are welcome to my plant's funeral

This might be the most dramatic and tragedic event of my life, dressing up, burying my cactus and be poetic about it. Remember Asi? My most beautiful cactus? Well it died. People think nazr e badd (evil eye) killed it but I'm sure Thatta did. The ghost town couldn't bear its beauty. It was alright a few days ago but started turning yellow and was never okay. 

I didn't wear black, it's not a sad color for me. Dark green is. Who wouldn't want a funeral that has a fashion code of metallic tattoos and South Asian attire? You all are here to say the final goodbye to it as well. Asi was an angel baby and is finally gone a royal way. 

Here are the most beautiful photos of Asi I took over the time we were together.

best family photo ever

My family thinks cactus are plants from hell but still they make a cute decoration and we don't need to be emotionally attached to something so sharp it might hurt. We also have a family code for unbearable people: we call them cactus of the family, specially grown in hell for us.

 Me & James Patrick March junior went to say the last goodbye. My silsila ye chahat ka moment.



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