7 March 2016

We need to talk

Last night's #thegirlgang chat on twitter made me realise that I've grown a lot after starting my life as an independent person. I have lost count of how many times I had to come out of my comfort zone to do stuff, sometimes just a little thing like submitting a small document. But I have to travel to another city to do small things/big thing/almost all the things. Travelling alone, I came over all of my fears of dying alone (BECAUSE AREEBA YOU ARE PROBABLY NOT GOING TO DIE ON ROAD, CHILL)

It's women's day today and we need to talk about it. There are so many young women out there in my town & city & country & this world who are just stuck at some point. I know the women of my time, most of us don't know where to go and work or make any kind of progress. I didn't have an idea too, until doing something was the only option. But I did so I'm hopeful as heck that they'll too. WOMEN POWER 4EVER! 
This was the last question of the chat and when I answered it, I felt like my 15 years old self would have highly appreciated it. I wish she was there to see this and fix things on her own when she needed help because my 15 years old self was absolutely miserable. But I'm glad I learned this on my own. I want all of the young girls & women around me to be able to fix things on their own, make money online and read more books. You have no idea what thriller books can do to you, they can polish you into the problem solving powerful villain you need to be in order to save yourself. Read more Gillian Flynn so you can absolutely do anything. And draw, make art, create stuff because women are gifted with the power of creation (ISN'T IT THE MOST MAGICAL THINGS? THX NATURE)

Happy women's day, beauties!


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