20 March 2016

The grown up - GILLIAN FLYNN

 The grown up is the latest Gillian Flynn book (a book I was dying to get my hands on) It's a short story and reading it meant that I will be done with all of her books. And being the crazy Flynn fan that I am, it was important. Gillian has a v special place in my heart for all the crazy evil powerful fictional women she has given to the book world. 

The story is about an almost former sex worker working as a fake psychic. One day she meets Susan Burke who was having some trouble with her new house, her 15 years old step son etc. And when she starts working for her, things change.

Our protagonist, the fake psychic, has a disturbing past. Disturbing not to her, she was kind of cool with it, it was disturbing for me because IT WAS DISTURBING. Oh and she loves reading books. How cool is that, book-loving protagonists are my fave.

Susan's house is haunting her. Things are twisted. Susan's stepson is troubled. Is the house haunted? The house is breathing on miseries from its past. Susan's stepson's black spidery eyes might be the door to house's history.

It's a v short story, took me an hour to finish it. But still so much happened in just an hour and in just 67 pages. It's horror, disgust, darkness mixed together. All I would say to warn you is that get ready for many plot twists in just 5 minutes. The story will screw your mind like any other Flynn book casually does.

Did I like it? I LOVED IT! It was a little weird that the book ended so quick obviously it was a short story but I'm used to Flynn's long dark novels. I need more of her books!
My handmade bookmark.
I got the book from Kaymu. It's an online store with a variety of stuff available on it. It was my second time getting something from a Pakistani online store. I have never gotten a book online before because it always scares me WHAT IF THE MAIL HURTS THE BOOK, I'm quite sensitive for my paperbacks. But gladly, the book arrived in perfect condition. 
Have you read it? Or any other Flynn book?
*I was sent the book by Kaymu for a review.

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