2 March 2016

#ohjournaletc - March art journalling prompts & recap

IT IS MARCH ALREADY CAN YOU BELIEVE? It seems like some monstrous thing is eating 2016. There's so less time and many big things to do. It's already the third month of #ohjournaletc and even just thinking about it fills me with so much happiness and energy that people care about making art. 

There are still so many people who don't know about this little wonderful project.

#OhJournalEtc is a creative art journalling prompts project. In collaboration with Hawwa, each month we are going to post four art journalling prompts on our blogs, and each week we are going to complete one of those ourselves and share them on our instagram accounts (with a monthly wrap-up post for each of the four prompts and our own art on our blogs, new prompts for next month will be announced in the wrap up post). We want to make art and inspire and we want you to do the same, so we're inviting you to join us. You can complete as many pages as you want based on the prompts we post and share them with hashtag #ohjournaletc on instagram for everyone to see your art. 

The name comes from our instagram handles. Ohareeba & hawwaetc and we both do art journalling so we're mixing our love for creating art together.

Basically, we want YOU to make art and were giving you an excuse.

March's prompts are:

Draw something that makes you wanna pack your bag and leave for an unknown destination you've always wanted to go. Or make something that gives the nostalgia about things you've nevereven experiences. Explore.

"I'm haunted by human" -The Book Thief:
If you haven't read this beautiful book called the book thief (GO READ ASAP) it's narrated by death. Death itself said, "I'm haunted by humans". Isn't it the most rock punk think you can think of? Make art about it.

What is madness for you? Is it about dark characters? Or a book? Or is it a person? Define your own madness and turn it into art.

From my he[art]
This one is basically your chance to empty your heart in the form of art. Throw your heart out on paper. Let us see what is like from inside.

Recap of my art journal
 I'm a forever Lorde lover. Here are her top 3 songs directly from my heart.
Go get punched for the love club.

These 2 Pakistani men. I used to have THIS BIG crush on one of them (Imran Abbas obv) 

Who doesn't want to make art about stars?

I had been looking forward to this theme. I LOVE turning books into art. This one's for sharp objects of Gillian Flynn (I absolutely love her) 

See, it's some the book thief goodness up here. I'll neerstop shipping Rudy and Liesel.

Dark places by Gillian Flynn. I read a lot of her, her books are my life.

We're gladiators but we're fighting ourselves
Another Lorde song. Glory& gore is my ultimate revenge song and it fills me with so much energy. I can be anyone I want & start a war when I'm listening to this in my head.

And here are a few of my most fave entries from February.

Noor's fangirling over gossip girl.

 Mahenoor's constellation doodling *HEART EYE EMOJI*
*I wish I knew her name*'s bookish entry.
 My absolute fave art journalling mate Saira's fab entry about glory and gore's lyric.

Join us for #ohjournaletc and remember you don't need to make perfect art journal pages, just make art. Live by this: art isn't supposed to look nice; it's supposed to make you feel something.

Grab the button if you want to use and show it off!
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