9 March 2016

Letters that will never be sent

I love writing about human beings in my life, especially letters when they're addressed to anonymous  people and only I know who is the person I'm being so poetic about. I have diaries full of letters about people with no names but with their stories. I have been lucky enough to meet a lot of interesting people who gave me a lot to remember and I shaped their memories into words. This is what I do best.

Letter #1:
Thank you for coming into my life, disturbing everything, making a bloody strong woman I am today. I can always sum up you as John Green wrote in Looking For Alaska “You can't just make me different and then leave”. Thugh you're not family, will never be, but I learned about family from you. Thanks for teaching me how to spell daughter without being pissed off. I once thought I'd say something nasty to you if we ever met in a mall and try to hurt your emotions but man, you gave me a new life and I just realized you were the best accident that happened to me, to all of us, to this city.

Letter #2:
I think you're the worst man I've ever met/I'll ever meet (I HOPE). But I don't even want to plot any revenge against you because you're so pathetic. I imagine slicing your chest open but there'd be a void under your skin instead of heart or other necessary organs because you're just so empty. You scared the shit out of me once and now you don't even matter, like you never happened to me or the other women of the family.

Letter #3:
You're the best little girl in my life though I can't say it out loud. You're troubled but you'll get away with it. You're the kind of young woman who fixes things and make things possible. You're made of fire, star and everything expensive & nice. Kids who are brought up in hell deserve the heaven most and you & I are going there. We're hella powerful, remember that. Just grow up a little more and I'm sure that your city will have their v own wonder woman.

Letter #4: I never liked you because you were not my type. I'm made up of spices and sarcasm and art and philosophy and you're too much sugar. I still don't like you sometimes but I respect you a hell lot now because you deserve it. You're one amazing person, a woman who taught me so much about how to deal with this world. 

Letter #5: WOMAN YOU'RE FIRE! You're my real life Gillian Flynn and my v own leader of heart broken kids. You taught me everything I needed to know about heartbreaks, mean girls, black magic, and obv being independent. I just don't know how to be your favorite, I think you scare me. You're so full of energy. I sometimes want you to read books but I know you're not the bookish type. You are "where's my gun I gotta save someone" type.

These are all. For now. I have a letter for you all, too. You guys are truly amazing, thank you for being a part of my bloggy journey, you guys truly empower me!

Do you have any letter that'll never be sent?

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