3 March 2016

Is everyone hanging out without me?

Happy world book day!

I picked this book up in hope to cure the fomo (fear of missing out) blooming inside me, taking over my bones and spreading its roots deep inside my flesh. God, the title sounds like that. But if you have the same issue of fomo as mine and picking this book to cure it: don't. This book isn't about the fear of missing out: it's about a disciplined young brown kid who grew up to be the glorious, witty and absolute queen Mindy Kalling.

Even though the book quite didn't fulfil my requirements but I still loved it. I've always liked Mindy, for being so honest and confident woman of color. And the book is better than the other celebrity written books.

The book is about her life, growing up, making friends, failing in friendships, learning to love comedy and going to an Ivy League and her journey to New York and living in crappy apartments and doing her first show Matt & Ben and all ups and downs and other important things. 

There were many moments where I couldn't feel connected to the book, such as reference to American comedy which I don't have much idea about (though I've spent hours binge watching new girl & the big bang theory but still there's a void obviously) But overall, I feel like I was saying I understand, Mindy in my mind.

She grew up in a house with disciplined brown parents who raised her well. When she was talking about her childhood, I really understood what it must have been like. I know if I had grown up in America, my mother would have raised me the same, just add more religion and we're on the same path.

An important subject: High school talk (I hated the final years of mine)
According to Mindy:
“The chorus of “Jack and Diane” is: Oh yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone. Are you kidding me? The thrill of living was high school? Come on, Mr. Cougar Mellencamp. Get a life.”

And THANK GOD there's nothing in the book about out of control emotions and relationship: a topic I can't handle v well. Mindy takes relationship as a sensitive topic/object/thing and doesn't go much wrong with it and I LOVE her for that. Thank you Mindy for not telling another drunken romantic story.

“I think when men hear that women want a commitment, they think it means commitment to a romantic relationship, but that's not it. It's a commitment to not floating around anywhere. I want a guy who is entrenched in his own life.”

I just love her honesty. A sassy person I wish I had as an aunt or my mother's friend so that I could call her whenever I needed expert non-parental advice.

If you'd like to read about a well behaved kid who fought for her position and worked really hard and became a celebrity and is v inspirational: this book is for you. I don't read much of non-fiction because I don't like the genre much but this book is really good.

Have you read this book? How's your book day going?


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