17 March 2016

dreams 2010

Growing up, I was obsessed with my aunt (I'm afraid I still am) I was her fan because there was no young lady fierce like her, creative like her, confident like her, smart like her. There was no one like her. And I wanted to be like her, hard task because my 2010-self was in troubles for so many reasons and couldn't stand for hard responsibilities like being her second copy. 

I loved everything she did. Obv because I was obsessed with the idea of her. I loved her stuff, sometimes I used it without permission (spraying her perfumes all over me, putting on her lipsticks before I was stuck with dermatitis) and she would be pissed off at me. She has always been a person who's usually mad at me for different reasons. But I can guarantee I have always been her favorite trouble/niece. 
She got a diary for 2010-2011 and I was like GODDAMMIT THE QUOTES PRINTED IN IT ARE SO ARTSY I'LL CUT THEM DOWN AND PASTE IN MY DIARIES. And she was like DON'T YOU DARE LOOKING AT THEM THAT WAY AREEBA SIDDIQUE. And I didn't. I really didn't try to steal them because she was going to notice the missing parts and she'd get be so mad at me I wouldn't actually dare to do that. But I always had dreams cutting her diary into pieces and cutting out all the quotes and fancy words and pasting them into one of my journals.

And now, 6 years later. She's married and away at another country and I recently dug into old stuff at my nanna's house and found that diary. THAT DIARY. It was half.empty and I had those quotes all to myself. Proudly presenting an art journal page of those quotes that might have gotten me into trouble if I hadn't been patient. I waited for 6 years for these. 

These are my newest fave pages because isn't it obvious? 


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