21 March 2016

Art Journal: World Poetry Day

Today, on World Poetry Day, I want to talk about most important poems in my life. The power of words, it's strong & beautiful and I always let myself flow with words: good words bad words, words that mean something and sometimes even those words that make no sense. 

Back in 2014, I discovered Erin Hanson. Her poetry is not just beautiful but magical. And most importantly, it has healing powers. 
The thing about Erin is her words are simple but heavy with their meanings. If you could objectify someone's words, Erin's would be wild flowers, spread into vines across a forest. Her poetry reminds me of sky, 

Last year I got her book as a treat to myself because her words inspire me on difficult times whenever I feel trapped or I couldn't feel the sky above my head. Her poetry is stars and night sky and wild roots under the earth and smell of fresh breeze. I'm insanely in love with her words and she's one of the best things internet brought me.

Jo rukay to koh-e-garan thay hum, Jo chalay to jan se guzar gaye 
One of my most favorite Urdu sha'air by Faiz Ahmed Fiaz. It can be described as: We were like a big mountain when we stayed. When we left, we didn't care about life.

And, Sylvia Plath.

I read her The Bell Jar in winter and I fell in love with the idea of madness and Plath. She digs her way to the heart with her words. Women artists, especially the one who possess the power of words are treasure for me. 
 I've read her Ariel, The Colossus & Crossing The Water. Mirror is one of my absolute favorite poems of hers and it's from Crossing The Water.

Happy Poetry Day to all of you!

Who's your favorite poet/poetess?


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