11 March 2016

#areebamakesthings - Newest Creative Adventure

#areebamakesthing - It's one of my most favorite hashtag which I use on instagram to show off my newest creations, be it a handmade pillowcase or notebooks. I love creating stuff, I think it's my superpower because creation is an ultimate gift for women by nature and I'm always too curious about what can I create with my powers mixed with creativity. 

I've been into blogging for 4 years now, I used to design blogs back in past but I took a break from it and concentrated only on blogging. But I am coming back at it with a few twists, I'll be making illustrations and other fab things for online people as well. It's mainly because I've been posting my illustrations on instagram and twitter and so many people asked me if I took custom illustrations order - And I thought IT'S A SIGN & that was it. I will finally be playing the role of young struggling artist online with art to make and a future to a glorious art school. 

#areebamakesthings is a start of how I want to shape my future as an art kid. I want to fill my present and coming years with art, creativity, power of creation and making beautiful things. 

Here are a few of my most recent and favorite illustrations.

We all are witches at some point. Aren't we? 

My type of fun, please.

Want it? Get it.

I'm a plant mama, 4ever!
It's a start of a beautiful and long journey so wish me luck and send me virtual hugs because I'm going to need that. And if you're in need of a blog design or a custom illustration, check out my Design Service page and find all important info and my portfolio there. And if there's something you want to talk about, just shoot me an email
Have you started any creative project this month too? If yes, link me up because I'd love to see how it is going and if there's something we can work out together. Here's to Women Power!

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