26 March 2016

An open letter to Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik keeps releasing new songs and it keeps breaking internet because it's Zayn and his glorious voice. At one point I was annoyed by how I wanted to keep listening to pillowtalk and it was stuck in my head and I was both happy and angry about it. But he recently released a part of his another song INTERMISSION: fLoWer and people, let me cry with happiness first.

He's singing in Urdu. Can you BELIEVE THIS? It's Pakistan's national language and he finally sung something that goes back to his roots. People might be saying BUT HE CAN'T SING IN URDU but I highly respect the fact he is at least doing it. 

Dear Zayn,
Here's me, a big fan of yours from Pakistan. And I want to thank you for the little twist you played in your album, the Urdu lyrics in fLoWer and you singing it makes it worth it to listen to it for a thousand times. I've played it for at least 100 times today because I can't get enough of it. People maybe saying that you can't sing in Urdu but I'm extremely proud that you did. 

You've always been the guy who never backed down and you finally took a risk of mixing a totally different language into one of your songs and you must have an idea how people would be talking against you for this but MANNN YOU DID IT I'm truly happy for that. In fact, I AM INSANELY PROUD OF YOU. You're making people feel good about their backgrounds no matter where they're from. 

I've had always thought that you weren't proud of your roots that go back to Pakistan. I was always worried you would never acknowledge it. You might have talked about it before and all of us had an idea that you are completely familiar with your Pakistani culture but all of us were afraid. Now you just showed to the world and people like me that you're proud of the Urdu language and HOLY CRAP YOU SANG IN IT.

It's a moment of proud for your desi fan, you sang something that's for non-white people and it means a hell lot to us. You were my favorite and you always will be. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: People are having hard time accepting the fact that this song is in URDU not in Persian, Hindi or Arabic. Not a single big magazine have acknowledged it as an Urdu song and it irritates me. Thanks Rolling Stone for NOT accepting the fact that it's in URDU. 

But hey let's celebrate the moment and cherish it with some fanart *THROWS CONFETTI*

Here's the song if you wanna hear

*all the fanart is 100% made by me*


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