10 February 2016

Why we wear what we wear

Stephanie asked me to write this post. Here I come with an official ootd post after weeks.

I'm wearing a typical outfit for Pakistani women. Layering is our specialty. Mainly, covering. This is what we do, we cover. We do fashion & styling but our main object is to cover. Covered in fashion, covered in bling bling, covered with freedom. This is the way fashion works according to my religion and culture and no, it's not suffocating. 

I grew up watching women around me dressed like the way I do. It's always shawls or scarves or dupattas around our heads & bodies, and our mothers gracefully wrapped in larger shawls. It's a symbol for respect for our womenhood. It's a product of Islam and Pakistani culture. 

This is mainly what I wear on most days. Just minus the turquoise upper cos I prefer less vibrant colors. I have a theory about vibrant colors, they don't suite me, I have a temper that doesn't go well with brightest colors. I like soft colors or darker shades of almost everything. White is saintly, I like wearing this color but I'm a person who get their cloths into trouble. Paint, mud (I keep plants) and grass in my case. White is a luxury or a treat yo self for me if casual. 

What's your why we wear what we wear story?
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