26 February 2016

Why do you blog?

The main reason I'm putting this picture on this post is that I love it so much. Look at me, totally looking like I'm a part of Makli graveyard, I fit like I'm a missing puzzle piece it needed. And the question which is the title of the post is another of my most favorite thing. When people ask me why I blog, I give them a long description of blah blah blah I love writing blah blah blah I found so many opportunities blah blah blah I learnt a lot etc. It's true that I love writing and blogging brought me so many opportunities and I learned a heck lot and I met so many amazing people, it's all true. But there still is a question: is that really why I blog?

Well, I figured it out. 

The answer is simpler than I thought it would be. I blog because it makes me feel important, It makes me feel like I can do, it makes me feel powerful, it gives me hope. If I can run a blog from a small town with just a wifi connection and bring change to myself and to a person or two, it's worth it. It helps me balance my creative energy, I can mix photos and drawings and words and make a blog post out of it. And it makes me feel good.

In this internet addicted times, I'm v glad I'm not wasting my time catfishing people or sending junk messages online. I'm putting my energy into a good thing, it's something I'd be proudly telling to my future kids: YOUR AMMA RULED THE INTERNET ONCE. I'll tell them yes babies I bragged a lot but I'll never stop loving this online kingdom I have right now. I'm a queen here, a queen that makes things possible, a queen that writes.

I have to ask the same question to you: Why do YOU blog? What's the reason? What keeps you going? Do you have a purpose? What does it makes you feel like?

I find it so interesting to find out what the reason/story behind your blog, this is why I have made it the theme of the net issue of my blog zine. Come and tell your story.
You can check out the previous issues here
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I can't wait to see your responses, guys! You all fill me with so much hope and inspiration!
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