29 February 2016

when tumblr collides with culture

pakistani tumblr girl
Ajak has been my recent clothing crush, the absolute gorgeous printed shawl wrapped around me above. It's a v famous Sindhi blockprint shawls and has been a part of the Sindhi culture for thousands of years. It's just mind blowing that a piece of clothing can hold a lot of meaning in it. My favorite part about it, beside the symbolization of the culture, is that it's the colors in it have their own  part in ajrak's story.

Ajrak symbolizes the universe through the use of the its color. Red is for earth, black is for darkness, white is for clouds and blue is for the universe itself. You can totally pretend that the universe is hugging you when you're wrapping it around you.
pakistani tumblr girl
It's one of my most favorite pieces to wear. I can wear it with anything and it will be the same, beautiful and graceful as always.

My outfit is basically what happens when tumblr collides with culture. Tumblry aesthetics wrapped in ajrak, with a pop of denim and obv girl power. 
pakistani tumblr girl
It's truly satisfying to wear the culturaly appropriate clothing with a hint of coolness. It makes things less complicated when it comes to following trends. I don't wear jeans much, it makes me uncomfortable. But this jeans kurta I'm wearing is so comfy anyone can fall asleep in it cause too loose. And I'm a big fan of loose clothing, I can be modest and easily breathe in them.

pakistani tumblr
The main purpose of fashion is to celebrate the idea of dressing up. Make it easy for you. It's not a duty to follow it as it is, bend it whenever you feel like it. Break the mainstream rules. Let current trends bump into your culture and your outfits. 

What's your most favorite piece of clothing you own?

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