15 February 2016

Parenting & Fangirling

Meet my imaginary family.

I've always loved the idea of adopting pets, looking after them, caring for something that breaths and depends on me. Human kids are awfully hard to handle so it's not an option right now. After years of trying to convince my family for pets, they recently agreed on a parrot (I ASKED FOR A RABBIT) But then it scared me to death that a living thing that breathes and eats would be flying around my head and would become my responsibility. I might kill it, I casually forget to eat on my own if someone leaves me home alone so I cancelled my parrot idea. I have my plants to take care of.

I have 2 cactuses. I chose them because:
they're aesthetically pleasing
 don't require much of an effort, kids don't touch them
 they hurt if someone tries to kick them

The chin cactus - the one with red flower - is named Asi. Asi means Rebel in Turkish. But mainly, Asi is my MOST favorite character. Years back, there was A Turkish drama Asi, there was a brave & wild girl named Asi who was a free spirit. And she grew plants and rebelled and had a short temper.
 There she is.

The main reason of naming my plant after her is that she was a symbol of freedom for me, a person who made mistakes, accepted them and fixed them. I want to remember her forever. I want to keep that free spirit, wild thing vibe around me. A beautiful wild thing.

Here is the little guy: James Patrick March Junior.

James is a serial killer from Americn horror story hotel. I loved his character so much that I named my cactus after him and that's really a big deal for me.

It's my baby I can name it anything you don't get any part in my parenting.

But no seriously, I loved his character so much. He was terrible obviously as he was a serial killer and serial killers are supposed to kill people which is a horrible horrible horrible thing. But he was madness and creativity all mixed together. He turned his killing into his best work of art. And he loved his wife, the countess.
Also, I loved the way he talked. The accent was nice enough.

And my James Patrick March Junior's thorns are so deadly they might kill someone if I try hard to push them into someone's necks in the times of extreme needs. This does justice with the name actually.

I'm doing pretty great with my plants and I'll soon get more cactuses, I just wnt to have a nice family of deadly beautiful plants that need water once a week and I can name after all of my favorite fictional characters. DASSSS THE FANGIRLING TALKING.

Do you have any plants?

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