9 February 2016

Newest nail color crush ft Kylie Jenner vibes

Nudes are my newest fave shades, they come with the perks of 
-being internet famous
-being matched with my to be gothic-minimalistic-tumblr-art kid lifestyle
 -giving away Kylie Jenner vibes

I found this nail color when I was out with my fam girls, each of us bursting with the happiness of being able to get ourselves a girls' walk round the city (WE WERE JUST A BUNCH OF FAMILY KIDS) We walked into a small make up shop & I found this unknown nail color which looked surprisingly good. I bought it, it's a big moment because make up is the last thing I buy from my v own money. I either get it for free or snatch it away from women in family. I've a feeling this post is turning slightly more about my family than I planned to.

Love love love the shade, I feel like I can buy 3 more bottles of the same nail color.

I'm not a big big big fan of Jenner, the three seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians freaked me out, but now their style & aesthetics are on point. This nail color reminds me of Kylie Jenner, so it's such an inspiring thing to look at my nails and be ready to do something such as moving my ass and work on a style I can actually stick to.

Another picture because I love the way these pictures have turned out.

Have you gotten any make up crush lately?
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