17 February 2016

modern romance - a book NOT for me

A truth - this book wasn't for me. I knew it but I ignored because I heard Aziz Ansari is funny. I thought it was just about tinder disasters. Or his own tinder disasters. But it's about dating science of 21st century. I hate science, v much.

I look funny here. Funnier than this book, please.

Basically, Aziz paired up with a sociologist Eric and did a BIG research project that included hundreds of interviews and focus groups conducted from people of not just USA, but other countries as Japan, Qatar, Argentina etc. And they made this book - almost a do (s) & don't (s) of dating in the modern century with stories by common people.

What I regret most is that I have 0 interest in dating. I'm not a person who dates. In fact, I'm a person who will never do that. It's not a part of my culture. Dating is actually taken as an offensive and disrespected thing among my people. So my interest was so less in this book that it felt like a punishment to read this book. 

And if you're think: THEN WHY DID YOU PICK THIS BOOK??!!??  
Well, a good question. I like reading different and new perspective of things and the name was so modern I fell for it.

When I reading this book, I was shaking my head half of the time. Things in my culture are too wrapped in rules and terms when it comes to a relationship and I highly respect and adore that. This is how it works for me, I take relationships as a v personal thing. I don't see there can be "more options" when it comes to a relationship. You're with a person or you're not. My personal views were clashing with each and everything in this book, it started to get on my nerves. 

 And then I realized that this book is too American for me to handle.

But there were funny parts too. Like about Japan.

People are not getting married or starting families or being romantically involved with another person. You know why? Because they don't want to. Their government is trying to set them up with each other, their governors are throwing parties for couples to meet. They're offering money to their people just to get married and have kids. I laughed so bad on this. Japanese government reminded me Mrs. Benett from Pride & Prejudice, trying to set her daughters with gentlemen to be married. 

Trust me, Pakistani men would kill for this "pay for your marriage" option. 

I didn't like this book.
I'd rate it a 2.5 

Have you ever read a book that you didn't like? 

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